Safari Breaks 10% Adoption Rate for the First Time on Strong Beta 4 Showing



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Keith E. Whisman

To be fair I just installed Safari 4 Beta and boy it's fast. It's alot better than the last time I tried out Safari. Seems to be alot more multibutton mouse friendly... That's what drove me away from Safari is that the extra buttons on my mouse did nothing. I had to use the back arrow in the browser and that sucked. Safari failed and I uninstalled it. But this one is really freaking fast and works great inside Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit.


Keith E. Whisman

I think we need to sue Mac because Safari comes bundled with Mac OSX. I think that 10% can be easily explained away by pointing out that alot of people have been buying Iphones with mobile versions of Safari and the now cheaper Mac laptops that comes with MacOSX and is bundled with Safari.  Also alot of people have been making Hackintoshes with again Safari as their starting browser option.

Also when you install Itunes and accidentally click on automatically keep mac software up to date you can inadvertanly install Safari. I did this once and never made that mistake again. Safari sucks. Haven't tried it recently though. 



Basiclly the only time i use I.E. is when i update at MS windows (beacuse MS forces you to) other than that it's Fire Fox 3.0.6 all the way hand's down.

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