Safari 4 Beta is the First Browser to Hit a Perfect Acid3 Test Score



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Am I missing something, or did opera beat the acid3 test a couple months ago?



The industry has spoken and Acid3 is the standard to which all browsers should meet.  Until they do we web developers will forever be coding and recoding just to make sure our pages display properly on all the major browsers.

Mr. B_Boy, with your browser of choice being Firefox you should be all for a single browser standard.  If it weren't for that, Microsoft would still be telling the world exactly how webpages are supposed to look.  Like it or not, Firefox is still in the minority and the Acid tests are going to play a key role in bringing unity to the browsing world.

Sure Safari isn't a major contender in the battle, but they have now proven that it IS possible to be perfectly standards compliant.  It should come across as quite a slap in the face that they made it to that point before any of the big league browsers could.

Kudos to you Apple! 



I agree with you.  The Acid3 seems like a synthetic fabrication, but it's actually important because it tests standards compliancy...  Which is exactly why IE fails it so terribly.  IE is (and for quite a while has been) great for rendering pages designed specifically for its own proprietary methods.  As an example, I have web-based work e-mail (based on Outlook Web Access, of course) that doesn't display properly in anything BUT IE.  If all the browsers actually followed the current standards, no one would feel the need to design pages outside of them - ideally speaking, developers want their page to look the same for everyone.

I agree with B_Boy too in that I think the whole interface and usability thing should play the biggest role.  But it's important to note that we need to take care of other factors so that those are the only differences.  In general it's always best for consumers when the number of variables are minimal.  Right now there's just too many variables...  If everything becomes standards-compliant then at least one of those is eliminated.



I could care less about the browsers acid3 scores.  For me it's all about functionality and layout.  For example, Google Chrome runs faster for me, but because of the add-ons I use for firefox that chrome doesn't have, I am still using firefox.  I wouldn't use safari even if it outscored all the others by 1000 pts.  Apples EULA crap in the past with it is enough to turn me off from it for the rest of it's hopefully short lifespan.



I couldn't agree with you more. Who cares about the acid score if it doesn't have the layout that you want or need. Apple is crap. Steve Jobs is the Devil.

metropolis has you.

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