SADNESS: id Software’s RAGE Delayed into 2011



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An article that has nothing to do with Apple, and yet somehow, someway, you manage to sneak the word iPhone in there. We get it - you guys love terrible phones. The rest of us don't want to hear about Apple phones day after day after day after day. They're junk. They're trash. Please get over it.



Haha they're junk and trash just like the company who produced them!



Love me some satire, gg guys.



I understand you wanting to tell it like it is Maximum PC, but this is a lil harsh. When a game is reviewed by you guys you have a standard set. If they put out the game to early ,you guys will review it and tear it to shreads with more ANGER: than was used in this article. Then the company will be smudged all because they didnt just wait and get it 1000 percent like they always do. ID revolutionizes the game engine everytime they make a new game. They dont just create games ,they engineer new visuals and gameplay. they'll never let themselves end up like 3DRealms.


...Oh God...I just realized Im a fanboy

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