Sacked Sony France Employees Hold Boss Hostage



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Leave it to the French to come up with a concept like disgruntled employees holding the boss captive for a while in response to decisions the boss has made or has gone along with! I like it but don't think it would work here any time soon since most American employees have been so indoctrinated not contridict the boss or question his 'judgement' that they don't have the balls to do something like this! Maybe if they (we) did things might be a little different.

As for the guy that posted that "BO has to go", so who to you suggest to replace him? I hear right wing pundits complain about the President but, just as with the Republican Party, they never seem to offer any well thought out alternatives, they simply want to complain. Then again, we do have a lot of people out there that, with a high school education, think they have the know how to run the country and get the economy back on track. So lets see some well thought out alternatives to the programs the President is offering that are workable. I'd be glad to hear them!



American CEO's would demand to be let go so they can finalize their own multi-million dollar bonus's and keep their appt's at a spa in tahiti. All, of coarse, on tax payer money that prezbo gave them in out money. But it's all OK for the workers being let go....prezbo gave unemployment payouts a $25 raise!! <--extreme sarcasm "BO needs to GO!"

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