S3 Graphics Adds DirectX 10.1 Support to New Chrome 500 Series



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gotta get me one of these. I mean, who can live without the cutting edge technology of DirectX 1.0.

Seriously, Sometimes I wonder if MaxPC's editors proofread what they say before posting it. Theres literally ALWAYS errors in these stories.


Keith E. Whisman

Hey that's Direct X 1.0 and OpenGL 3. It's better at OpenGL I guess. Nvidia has a history of being better at OpenGL than ATI.

Now I remember when DirectX 1 was first released. It was awsome. I toyed with it and played with it and called it George. That came out about Six months after Windows 95 was released.  


Keith E. Whisman

I think if your building an HTPC you should buy this video card. If they are successfull perhaps one day we can expect competition on the high end from these guys with ATI and Nvidia and against Intel's Larabee. Let's help them succeed so they can compete and hopefully bring prices down on the high end.



If you look at the website, S3 pits this card against nVidia 8600 and Radeon 4350.  I doubt this card is any good if it's competiting against those models.  I'm leaning towards a Radeon 4550 for my HTPC.


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 Would MPC ever consider reviewing this card (or one like it) against an ATI or nVidia card for HTPC tasks ONLY? I wonder how it would perform, and if maybe it'd work well in the next HTPC that I build, instead of going with a Radeon


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