Russian Minister Said YouTube And Google Should Be Shut Down For Violating IP Laws



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Russia is insanely corrupt, but in my opinion he's right, you can post anything you want on youtube, copyrighted or not and they don't get in any trouble.  Yes they take it down but formal requests have to be made.  You can put up anything you want, they've even had videos of rape on youtube for months, its a bit crazy.  Its bullshit to me that youtube gets a free pass but other forms don't.

I don't see what the difference between youtube hosting copyrighted material or warez site hosting it is.




You actually said the difference. Youtube actively tries to remove infringing content, warez sites don't. If they did, there won't be a problem.



I believe what they were doing was pulling a cat in a hat out of their ass to try and divert attention from Russia's blatant disregard for IP.

I would agree that, in Voskresenskiy's blatant smoke screen attempt, he did hit the nail on the head for the need for IP laws to be changed.  My main problem with the laws is that there will always be "fringe" content- just interesting enough that I'll look at it if it's free, but not at all interesting enough that I'd ever pay for it.  Most content lies in the this area and trying to protect obscures the reality of the situation.

It's a bit like being in a bar and hearing a band that you think is pretty good.  Would you ever buy their album or go to a concert featuring that band- probably not, but they filled that "free" time pretty well.

80-90% of content (if not more) falls into the better-than-nothing, but not-worth-a-dime category, but unfortunately producers see it otherwise.



Should we in the US follow all of islamic law?  women walking around covered head to toe, unable to be escorted without a man?  More to the point, should youtube be allowed to show videos of people dancing?  it's against the law some places, but not in most..  You decide.



Youtube has a lot of full, unedited, foreign content.  My son is watching russian cartoons on youtube all the time.  It's the equivelant of watching full Simpsons and Family Guy episodes.

Anyway, if youtube took down all of my son's russian cartoons, we'd find another way to watch them for free :)



People like you make my sympathies with the RIAA and the Soviet Union. Its dung bags like you who inspired people like Hitler.

DLing cartoons is understandable, but being a massive douch bag about it like you is why the Russians and RIAA will ALWAYS get away with doing what they do. Because theres always some one like you stupid enough to legitimize lawsuits or an internet kill switch.

If youtube was shutdown because of idiots like you people like my self and other legitimate contributors would have NO recourse of argument. It would be totally valid to shut down the service because morons are viewing and sharing existing copy protected material.



Also, this comments form is utter crap.





Two quick points.

There is no Soviet Union nor has their been one for quite some time.

There were, in fact, no internet pirates when Hitler was around.

Though if there were, I too, am sure they'd all be Jews.



Gootube makes a pretty active effort to conform to IP laws and have met with mild success. Them shady Russian sites don't give a damn about IP laws.


That's the difference.

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