Russian Hacker Fixes Busted Atom Support on Snow Leopard Netbooks



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Apple are a bunch of facists. The thing is many of the people building or hacking together these machines are actually purchasing the OS thanks to Apple's decent pricing (take the hint here MS) but Apple still has an issue with it. They are determined to tell you what hardware you can run that software on and the market should hang them for it.

I, for one, actually like Apple's hardware. I just hate the price tag and the disaster of an OS they put on it. I'd love to have a high end Mac laptop running windows. They have THE best touchpad bar none. But the hardware and OS should be seperate. I should be able to install Windows without installing Mac OS or Bootcamp on their hardware. By the same token I should be able to run their OS on any hardware that can run it without any hacking or BS needed, provided I pay for it. If you spend the money its none of their business period, especially now that they are using standardized hardware.



somehow i had already read your comment before you posted it



 You'd think that with the popularity of netbooks, Apple would be pleased with MacOS running on them and start full development for a Netbook compatible version. But, then again, this IS Apple we're talking about here. Unless they can rape you with their overpriced and underpowered hardware, they don't want your business.

Now I know there are those of you who are going to say "But Apple isn't getting ANY money for this! Bitch! Bitch Moan! Neep! Neep! noop..." while that may be true, the Hackintosh community proves to Apple that they need to open their doors more. They would have a much larger adoption rate (and many more security holes and problems discovered) and could actually be seen more than a piss-poor attempt at an Operating system.

Now bring on all the WIndows haters, rip apart my post and tell me how much more insecure Windows is, and how Microsoft is a company ruled by the devil himself and that the world would be better off if Microsoft was never formed and if Windows OS would just stop being produced!


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