Russia to Create National Operating System



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Russian Operating System...

In communist Russia, the System Operates you?



It makes no matter how much anybody spends on an OS, if you don't have the apps people want to use, it will fail! People do not use operating systems! Even Linus Torvades acknowledges this fact!



Don't be so quick to dismiss Russian programming... they still have some of the world's best mathematicians and hackers, and notions like "patriotism" are not to be trifled with. A Russian OS may just be the kind of state-sponsored program to produce a viable result.

Over the next few years (and, in part, due to the North American market consolidation and decrease of number of players) there will be a growing trend towards finding in-home IT solutions, especially in the BRIC countries.

The Chinese started to produce their own chips, and although these were laughed at in the beginning, there are signs that Han silicon might start to decrease the gap that separates it from the leaders of the pack. See here:



In sovit Russia, Operating systems controlls YOU!


These are my guesses,

40% of progams are both windows and mac

10% is only mac

25% is only Pc

25 is only linux

now russia is going to thow their own peice of crap of a operating system into this already packed war?

Good luck



Wow, government in general does a terrible job of creating anything. The private market always does a better and more economical job. The fact that it's the Russian government makes it even more hilarious. In Russia OS hacks YOU.



Russia has some of the world's best hackers...I guess it all depends on who they get to write their OS  hmmm?



"Windows sucks like Polish Vodka.  In Russia, operating system reboots YOU."



 Russia is terrific at writing operating systems! Just look at their track record in 1st class software. There was the Chernobyl fail safe software that worked so well, the bookkeeping software that kept the Soviet Union humming, the anti corruption software that has enabled Russia to keep ahead of Laos, and finally, the political software that helped Russia tame the Afgans. In fact, the last worked so well that the US secretly bought a copy and has been using it undercover for years.

  Good luck with that, President Medvedev.



All your OS are belong to us!



Just 5 million bucks? That's a lot of money to spend on one end user.


Wrong math. In Russia 80-90% would be stolen thru kickbacks and creative accounting. So it is less than 1M.

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