Rupert Murdoch Friday Morning Tweet: We Screwed Up MySpace but Learned a Lot



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Holly Golightly

Hmph... A bit too late for apologies. The damage has been done.



"We really hosed MySpace and learned alot. Oh, nothing really valuable, basically we came to the realization that News Corp has nothing to offer the free-world. Oh, and did you know that people really resent the tyrant doosh-bag propagandist? It's a miracle Fox News is still on the air, but old people are far more ignorant and much more forgiving when you spoon feed them propaganda, so we'll just stick to our strengths."


"Fox News: Rich people paying rich people to tell middle-class people to blame poor people"



Its not like there is a new agency that doesn't either support either one side or another.  Its a really great tatic for control and people are to busy letting political parties make decisions for them.  I just hope that I will have such newcasts when I come to power.  




Ahhh, the rub- there was no way to save myspace, as there will be no way to save Facebook & the Land of the Twit's.  It's fate is sealed in the simple fact that both are like being locked up in a hotel room with a woman who just is constantly babbling.  You don't give a shit & you never will but somehow you think that listening to that shit will make you more popular or even get you somehow laid.  Both are ultimately lies and when enough of you finally get it, and you eventually will, the end of this social exercise of allowing idiots their approximate 15 seconds of fame will thankfully come to an end.  No amount of money or management can save that one truth.



What you said made no sense to me.



The nice thing about being old and rich is you don't have to answer to anyone -- or even give a shit, for that matter. 

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