Runic Announces Torchlight 2, Puts Torchlight MMO on Backburner



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It will be a short reign as D3 will probably outsell Torchlight and Torchlight3 combined in 3 hours.



i liked the first on, but never got thru it, got struck on the finla boss after 5 attempts and so I started playing tf2!



Ya, this was a smart move for them to go with the multiplayer version of torchlight before the MMO.  I have a feeling that even with multiplayer, Torchlight 2 is not going to do as well.  Torchlight lost its luster pretty quickly.  It's basically HD Diablo without Deckard Cain -- just a mindless loot grind.  And that can be fun for a while, but is ultimately very unfulfilling.  Their only innovation is the pet, which is great, but doesn't hold the game above water for long.  You know when one of your main feature draws is "fishing" that there is something lacking with your game.

My take is that people feel a little burned by Torchlight and they're not going to fall for it again even with multiplayer.  For $10 though, I'd pick it up again.



It's too bad that piracy killed the developer of Titan Quest, because I personally was hoping for a Titan Quest 2. TQ was the best of the "Diablo Clones", IMO. Even today, the graphics and gameplay hold up extremely well! SInce Diablo III is taking its sweet little time coming out, I guess I'll have to look into Torchlight and its sequel to quench my need for a new Diablo Clone. I still play and love Titan Quest, but I know the game so well, that I need something new. Here's hoping SOMEONE picks up the Titan Quest banner and does a worthy sequel!


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