Rumors Swirl that Microsoft is Readying a New Zune for 2011



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Mighty BOB!

I almost got a zune but when I learned that it was a closed garden ecosystem like the ipod and itunes I had to give it a pass.



I hope so. The Zune HD is a great product and MS is at fault for it's pathetic marketing for it. 3 out of 5 average people still don't even know what a Zune is.



Agreed. I've never seen a ZuneHD commercial on tv since its debut. I love my ZuneHD. I still have it even after I've purchased the newest iPod Touch. I can definately hear the difference in sound-quality - the ZuneHD's sound is a lot clearer and crisper. And music videos look a lot better on the ZuneHD because of its OLED display. That's why I decided to keep my ZuneHD instead of putting it on eBay or Craigslist. The iPod Touch - I mainly got it because I use it as my "tablet" handheld computer - surfing the web, emails, apps, etc.



im still rocking my zune 80 so something smaller n sleeker would be nice. the only reason i don't have an hd now is cause mine still works and i rather not splurge $250+ for another mp3 player at the moment

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