Rumor: ZunePhone on Tap for CES?



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I would call it a Zone



I hope so too.  After entering the market only a couple years ago the
Zune has really come a long way.  I have the Zune 80 and it is an
awesome little device.  For only being around and not getting a lot of
publicity Microsoft has done a great job, music, games, applications,
wireless connections, movies.  Add a phone in there and I might ditch
my 1999 style phone.

 Come on MaxPC, no support for firefox's spell check in your forums? 




I never noticed that it didn't work before, but now that I do, I am pissed... ;-)


I'd like to see that Russian guy steal that emoticon from me.



It is very frustrating how Microsoft always seems to wait forever to get into these markets; I mean it would be a HUGE uphill battle to compete against the iPhone. But personally, I like the Zune, and I like my Windows Mobile phone = I'd really like to get a hold of a convergence device based upon these two hardware properties, and I'd LOVE to see some market share taken away from the Cult of the Once Bitten Apple.

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