Rumor: Yahoo Search Deal With Microsoft “Down to the Short Strokes”



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When I tried searching with Bing it doesn't help me. It only confused my searching with my regarding topic. Yahoo is the only answer where Microsoft could catapult Bing if they really want to be a brand name for ALL products. Others saying that Bing is good doesn't search the internet all day like I do. So I know what I'm looking for and what should be place in front me is good results. Bing doesn't work like that, it only adds my frustration in searcging the web. Just go to every netshops and you would only see Google.


Google and the way baby. Bing? Is that thing? LMFAO. 




Any attempt MS makes in the search engine market woulnt make a difference. Everyone just loves Google. I'm thinking they want to buy Yahoo just to say they have more than 5% market share.



Bing is much better. I went from Google to Yahoo a month or so ago and last week switched to Bing. So far I really like it. Google's ads and roll overs were really starting to get anoying.



Good! Buy yahoo and get rid of that horrable yahoo search.



Bing is so much better. My guess is that they are going to take advantage of the ads Yahoo! has, but slowly phase out search, or merge it with Bing in some way.

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