Rumor: Xbox 720 to be Based on ‘Core’ Windows 8



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Paper Jam

How can MS possibly think requiring always-on internet is a good idea? Say goodbye to the used game market, game rentals, and trading/borrowing games from friends. And I hate Metro in Windows 8, so there's that.



You realize that you've been using Metro on the 360 for quite some time now, right? In fact, Metro was first introduced in XP Media Center just wasn't widely known as "Metro" until Windows Phone 7.


Paper Jam

Yep, realized it. Hate it. Probably going to look towards alternatives to the Xbox for this upcoming generation. Maybe build a new gaming rig, maybe get a Steambox or PS4, and maybe look at Ouya. Just tired of seeing more ads on screen than content, and having no control over what is on my screen. And the fact that I have to pay for XBL and then still have so much SPAM crammed down my throat just isn't sitting well. And I hate the avatars, too. I'm a grownup. Looks like I could get an interface made for one.

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