Rumor: Windows Vista SP2 RTMs in April '09



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So theres an SP2 for a screwed up OS   oh joy  :/

Microsoft you can release 15 SP's and it isn't gonna to solve peoples dislike of Vista.  Its real simple sell OS's to consumers....either sell them what they want or suffer. You just can't force people to like what your' programmers wrote.  Your' programmers have to write what people want.  A 7 year old with a lemonade stand, knows that.  How come you don't?

Oh and as long as I'm typing here right now...I'll add this:   Cloud Computing isn't going to sell.

Noone trusts the internet as it honestly think they gonna trust some stranger with a server to OWN their hardware and to speak?  Pardon me while I die laughing.  I still don't understand why people trust online storage...thats got to be the stupidest idea I've ever heard.  Every damn person/company with a server sells whatever info anyone will pay for.  Yea  I'm going to store my important data online.....NOT   lol


Sure 20-30 years from now when all the jerks with the servers, are brought to task by some official agency....maybe.  Hey Google I got a cool billion burning a hole in my pocket  sell me some data....Google:  Ok  no problem.  I can't wait till one of these youtube morons, 20 years from now loses the job of a lifetime because he posted a video of his college frat party on youtube.

Is the world getting THAT stupid?????

Does Microsoft actually think they can fool even the non technical types anymore?  Once your caught in a's damn hard to get peoples trust back.   The whole damn industry needs to re-learn this!



You are evidently under the very mistaken idea that Microsoft is releasing these service packs to "make people like Vista more."  In case you didn't read the article, Microsoft has been releasing service packs for their operating systems for a while now.  This is nothing new.

Microsoft is also very keenly aware of the fact that they need to give consumers what they want.  They're up to that seven-year-old's level.  The problem is that they're having is that they haven't been able to clearly define what exactly it is that consumers want...  I fully believe that if Microsoft had a clear idea of what its user base wanted in OS that they'd be able to deliver it.  If you have extensive knowledge on what the average American consumer expects in their operating system as you imply, I'm sure Microsoft would pay you mightily for it.  It's not as easy a question as you're making it sound.  Yes, we all know you have to give the consumer what they want.  It's a matter of identifying what they want.  This is what Microsoft has clearly failed to do well in Vista.

Personally, I'm on your side with the cloud computing thing in that I personally don't like it.  That said, your argument has me confused.  You specifically say that cloud computing isn't going to sell.  Oh, and that no one trusts the Internet (I'd wtf to that, but w/e...).  Then you turn back around and state that people in general (though not you) trust online storage...  What?!?  People don't trust the Internet but they trust online storage?  And what the hell does the hypothetical illicit YouTube video have to do with cloud computing?  That sort of thing happens today WITHOUT cloud computing.  I have heard multiple stories of fresh-from-college folks missing out on job offers because employers actually take the time to browse the ol' Facebook and there are mountains of publicly available pictures of said student drinking their way into oblivion (or other sordid tales).  Unless social networking sites qualify as cloud computing.

And I don't understand how what you're saying implies that Microsoft ever lied.  You're saying they released a product they thought was the cat's meow and the public though otherwise (which is totally true).  That doesn't mean they lied...  They just had more confidence in their product than it deserved.  That said, you're totally right to say the Microsoft is going to have to do some work to get back consumer confidence.  But I think that there's a fine distinction between the fear of being lied to and a lack of confidence in Microsoft to deliver.  The former implies malicious intent, whereas the latter is just an implication of Microsoft being rather bumbling (which strikes me as being often true). 



The only reason I can see why people would think Vista SP2 is being rushed is because it lacks a ton of "important" or "big" features that drastically improve one or more "key" areas of the OS. Most people seemed to feel that SP2 for XP did all of that. Vista SP2 actually "seems" less important than Vista SP1 according to many sites, which I find odd. I'm thrilled that Microsoft is going to an annual OS update again. I don't see this Service Pack as being rushed. I just see it as a run-of-the-mill standard update to ensure maximum stability, compatibility, and security; which are the main reasons for Service Packs to begin with.

.......but to have to wait for new features until a Service Pack is dumb since Microsoft could implement them at any time via Windows Update or optional downloads from their site. I don't expect Service Packs for any OS to include anything more than an all-in-one pack(age) of all prior updates since the last Service Pack. If new features are also thrown in then great, but I think people are just too spoiled and expect more than necessary. I'm not saying new features are not welcome. They're just not expected.


Fanboys are annoying. Price/Performance is top priority. Patience=Awesome.

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