Rumor: Windows 7 Beta 1 in December



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Keith E. Whisman

BTW did you get the dates wrong up there? Did you mean that Win7 will be released in Late 2009 or early 2010?



Thanks for pointing that out


Keith E. Whisman

Yep that's why I don't play scrabble. I stink at it. Even with the power of the net at my finger tips.

Looks like Windows 7 is just going to be a cleaned up and updated Version of Vista. Why don't they just call it Vista 2010 Edition like ME.  I sure hope it's going to be worth it and have value but I think that when Windows 7 gets released people are going to wine about how great vista is and how crappy 7 is. How buggy 7 is compared Vista...

Win7 will be the next Vista that everyone will hate on.. Microsoft just can't win.. 




Hey case you were wondering, "auguries" would have been 9 points, assuming no double/triple score spaces.



Big Flava Flav "yeah boyeee" to an early beta.



Doesn't the sentence, "Windows 7 beta 1 won’t arrive in October/November...but in December," mean this is actually a late beta?



umm, lets do this one good boys.  (not saying Vista was bad, it just didn't live up to the hype).  good 64 bit support out of the box without updates would be nice (but I guess thats up to the hardware makers) 

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