Rumor: WikiLeaks Website to be Abandoned



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There are teabagger morons here!  facepalm.


Corporate owned media defends the interests of the corporations that own them.  Corporate owned media defends the interests of Republicans and 3/5 of the Democrats because the corporations own them.  



....  Threats of prosecution and jail time for bringing out secrets that's hiding wrongdoings and harming the public... Sad day for freedom.



The United States government and its military are not sacrosanct entities incapable of wrongdoing. Security isn't worth a flying s if injustice must occur to instate it. I prefer torture to violating my integrity and virtues, because they are worth more to me than anything else in this world. 

 If you treat humans like pests, then expect no less than to be treated the same. 







I Jedi

Why shut down Wikileaks, if they plan to just restart a new version of it? For name sake, so they can have a new reputation? They're probably more famous now than they ever have previously been before.



So "Wikileaks' are now the arbiters of 'Truth"


They should be arrested and shot for treason. 



You are either a troll with a bad sense of humor or you are a complete and total idiot.  Shot for treason?  Who the hell are you?  Since when does whistle blowing equal the death penalty?  Go home to your sad home under the bridge you fucking asshole.  Maybe you're one of the incompetent helicopter crew that gleefully gunned down civilians in Iraq?



Yes, arresting and killing journalists is a good idea.



Investigative Journalism is dead, man. Political Biases in the media today idealogically restrict what stories a "news organization" will cover / report on, and which stories will be conveniently ignored. It has nothing to do with that so called "truth" thingy. At one time, it used to be though.

Now, liberals tend to decry FoxNews for being this way. But, they are often conveniently willing to ignore the fact that just about every other news organization is indeed so far to the LEFT, that even when Fox News tries to be centered, it still can't help but appears very right-wing in comparison to how LEFT-wing the other stations are. They like to pretend the ONLY bias, is Fox's. That somehow there is no liberal bias in the media.

Just try and tell me that Chris Mathews / Keith Olberman / Racheal Maddows / anybody else on msnbc, is even remotely FAIR AND BALANCED about anything they do. I'd list some CNN personalities, but I don't watch enough of it to know their names to be honest, and quite frankly, who does watch CNN ? Although Lou Dobbs was the closest thing CNN had to fair and balanced and downright non-idealogical. 

 Otherwise, New York Times, Washington Post, DIGG, Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, John Stewart ( you KNOW HE IS ), Stephen Colbert, even Firing Squad Tech website & Anandtech Forums to a degree. Oh, and that guy on E! Talk Soup who's on nbc's Community. All pretty left wing biased outlets. Hardly Fair & Balanced in their own regards. Quite frankly, Conservative Media has a greater menagerie of mortal enemies then Batman, and is greatly outnumbered. 

Conclusion : Investigative Journalism is dead. 



BPrince6 is Bill O'reilly, just so everyone knows.

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