Rumor: Wi-Fi Only Galaxy Tab Launching April 4th for $399



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15 million iPads sold in first few months and now half a million iPad 2s in just 1 weekend with 4 months of back orders. It's amazing how much money people have to spend on unnecessary devices like the iPad which do nothing more than give you an iPod touch with a larger screen during a time when our economy is still going down hill. And we have yet to see what any of these Android tablets can do on sales. Amazing. Oh well, at least everyone will have something to pawn or sell on when they are up to their necks in bills and their light is about to get cut.



$399 is high for non-x86. Anything with ARM isn't worth much, and there's Athlon II's, Core i3's, etc around this price point. $150-$199 is the sweet spot. Slap a Celeron or Atom or something similar in there, 2 GB RAM, USB ports, and a 16 or 32 GB SSD (you don't need a lot of storage on a tablet) and then it will be worth $399, probably maybe a little more. Yes, the ARM platform is "hackable" (unlike the iPad), but ARM != power.

Even at $399, I would choose this any day over the iPad, but I am not interested in obtaining a tablet.

@RedAnt751 et al: I totally agree with rooting and jailbreaking devices--there's nothing "harmful" about doing this and it allows more freedom to do more with a given device. I think, though, that it'll be a matter of time before Barnes & Noble flips out and cries foul (lawsuits!!!). I can see that their claim of maim would be that the $249 price was "subsidized" in part that you'll buy books from them to make it up, and they're having a "loss" when people nix the B&N software. Mark my words.



Pricepoint is still Too high, And Yes a rooted nook is the best bang for buck.







Too little, too late. This should have come out at the same time as the other Galaxy Tab, and then lower the price to $299 to keep ahead of the iPad 1 at $399.

When is Samsung and Motorola going to learn you can't beat Apple at their own game? There is absolutely zero reason for the average consumer to go with a Galaxy Tab or Xoom over an iPad.



Yup, apart from Flash support, removable SD-card support, and an open-source operating system, zero reason.

/the Xoom is ridiculously overpriced.

//Rooted Nook Color is still the best bang for the buck.

///AAPL still has a lock on the tablet market... for now...



Red Ensign

The part you seem to have overlooked is that he said "averge consumer". It matters little if anyone here likes it or not but the "average consumer" cares little about what you just mentioned. People only care about if the product works. Theres 14.8 million people who did not care about the features you just listed, least of all an open operating system. Those are the cold hard sales facts. I agree the Nook as well as the Viewsonic Gtab are the best options but they need to be rooted and Joe Consumer doesn't know how or want to do that. No matter how hard we click our ruby slipper heels together and wish for it to be so, the average consumer will always want a simple to use, working tablet. As long as there's multiple Android builds with multiple manufacturers imposing their own interfaces, Android will never win. 



Pretty sure android has a larger market share in the US than the iPhone does. So if it isn't winning then what is the iPhone doing?



Duh, WINNING!  How big is their screen?  Yeah.

Honestly this is a pointless argument.  $399 is too high for android to compete with iPad because the average consumer is an idiot.  That said, I, as well as many other users on here, would gladly pay that price for a superior product.  Should we realistically be expected to pay that price?  Absolutely not. 

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