Rumor: Valve Unveiling Source Engine 2 and Half-Life 3 Next Week?



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I haven't left Azeroth since I finished Episode 2.  Please let it be HL3, so I'll have a valid reason to escape from WoW.



If it ends up being Left 4 Dead 3 / Team Fortress 3 I might have to kill a few kittens.  Think about it Valve, do you really want something like that on your conscious?



They will unveil Source:2, HL3 and offer EP3 (which will close the Source era) for free to all pre-orders of Portal2 or HL3 on Steam.

 EP3 will emphasize on the frictions between Aperture Science and Black Mesa.

and HL3 will offer a special coop campaign mode with a slightly different story, the partner: someone with a portal gun. Yep, gravity gun on 1up and portal gun on 2up ! mad!







I wanted some news of it last E3.. All they wanted to talk about what Left 4 dead 2, which is a good game don't get me wrong.  I just hope the rumor is true. I'm a big fan of Valve and half life for that matter but if they don't say nothing of Hale life I'm going to stop buying there games.  I would be happy with a simple "were working on Half life 3 concept art"  Maybe Even say there putting Adrian shepherd into it like they did with barney.  To the guy who said it can't be half life 3 if it leaves off where half life 2 e2 did; I'd like to know why not?  If they've dumped ep3 "perhaps they've just merged it into half life 3 making a larger story.  In the end I'm just waiting for Gabe to bust my bubble and tell us its Left 4 dead 3.  That would piss off the Left 4 dead community for sure and I hope to god its not DNF.  Those were fun but not very serous games.

 I wonder if anyone called Gabe on saying that the Episodic releases would be fast?  Maybe the half life devs got bird flu. lol



Being a huge fan of the HL series, I could care less if they scrap Portal 2 and Episode 3 and work on HL3 instead, just as long they stick and announce an "official" release date for it. Anymore longer than 2 years though would make the paint on this wall filled with bullets, blood and axe marks!!

...and on a totally unrelated note, I'd just want to post this link/vid since MaxPC has been on the slow side lately. C'mon MaxPC, If Yahoo beats you to it, that's just wrong!!


screw 3D! I'm just in it for the hurts(HZ)!



Dear God.  I've been waiting to hear something like this for about three years now, ever since EP2 came out.  If Source No. 1 was so revolutionary graphics-wise, then I'm imagining just what No. 2 might be like.  Given Valve's flawless track record (every single game they've released I would personally give a 10/10, they're like the Pixar of video games :P), this will likely be something special.  However, I am still slavering over CryEngine 3/Crysis 2 as well, so I guess I have 2 things to look forward to now :)


I would just rather that they demo Half-Life 3 instead of, say, HL2 EP3, because I would rather see the next MAJOR installment in the series rather than just another expansion.  The episodes were fun, especially with the updated versions of Source, but they were too damn short.  Give me a game comparable to Half-Life 2 in terms of gameplay and graphics (for it's time) and I think I just might ask Gabe Newell on a date O.o



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Rumors are also flying that Valve's announcement will be none other than the future release of Duke Nukem Forever.

Personally I hope this doesn't happen.  Maybe I'm alone in this thought but I view Valve as a more high-brow company.  Even the sniper throwing a bottle of urine has practical game value, and that seems about as low-brow as they get.  If they release DNF I think it would tarnish Valve's image.

Hopefully we'll see some Half Life news!



...Or, like usual, Valve would tease us with something to be released 10 years from now and just keep patching Team Fortress 2.



I really can't wait.



 You know, Valve does some amazing work (maybe I should pick up some Valve stock). Story line, game engine, game delivery system. Just general, all around super-awesome!

And if anyone can steal E3 this year, Valve can!

And you know what, if the Source Engine (and Source Engine err 1.5) is anything to go by, the Source Engine 2 should look a little something like this:


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



seriously, we need ep-3



Could Valve get any more awesome?  I think not.



 YEAH!!! only about time Valve.... I'd just about given up all hope of seeing an HL2 ep3 and here it is comming soon err it won't be HL3 if it carries on from where ep2 left off 


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