Rumor: Sony PSP2 Coming this Fall, Sports a Larger Screen



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Sony would never put the joysticks on top that is just fucking stupid.



Might want to give this article a small edit. Kotaku is reporting a release in the holiday season of NEXT year (2011). There's definitely no way Sony can beat the holiday rush of this year...



Highly doubt it. With Sony products, there'd usually be so much hype and rumours at least a year before its launch. A trackpad on the back? Are you serious? There's something called touchscreen. I had always wanted a PSP on the grounds that Sony would work with SquareEnix on getting FinalFantasy8 re-released on the PSP. But several years later, and they couldn't make that happen.



A PSP that doesn't look (too) half-baked.  Will there be a touchscreen?  I would rather have a touch screen than a hard-to-reach (and use) trackpad, any day.  Great fan mock-up... wonder what Sony will actually come up with.



To be honest, I would prefer no touchscreen. For the DS, because it has a touchscreen, many game companies made games that require the use of a touch screen, but to me, everytime I used the touchscreen, it pulled away from the game. It's really just a novelty, I would prefer to utilize the console's controls and have an awesome storyline. An example of that would be Final Fantasy Tactics, I can never get over how good the storyline was. Also, I can't even name one really good DS game that used the touchscreen. To me, the touchscreen is like a thing to have on the console that really doesn't add to the game; can you name a game that would have died on the DS if you didn't have a touchscreen?

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