Rumor: Sony May Deter Consumers with New Fees for PSN Gamers



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bing an owner of pretty much every console out there atm and a pc. I think that unless sony adds something really cool to their network ,they should just keep their online free. 1. some people buy ps3's because of the free online play 2. Like someone mentioned already they get money from the games and also from DLC. 3. Most people know that xbox 360 gots better online play so if sony is gonna charge for online play might as well just leave ps3 as the blue-ray player and play online games on the 360.



The thing that made me buy a PS3 over Xbox was that it was free online play =/ 



remember guys, this is a business.

the point of any business is to make money, rather the MOST amount of money. even if some of you drop, if enough stay, then it will be implimented because it makes more money. what we should be asking is IF sony does a service we must pay for, then how much will it be (because it might actually compete w/ and force xbox live price to come down, at least i hope it would work that way) + what more will we the people get out of the experience having paid for it. if they add to PSNetwork it might be worth paying for it... or will it? again, money talks (in business)



Every game you buy be it made by Sony or any body else Sony makes money off it. Sony charges a fee so game makers can make a game to play on PS3 every game. And then there is the DLC Sony gets a piece of the price of every DLC. It is just plain and simple greed.



Hey Sony - Stop wasteing money of the stupid PS3 home crap and you wont have to charge. If "second life" I mean home is not the worst place on the PS3. What is the point?



I think this won't actually happen. If this does happen, I guess I'll have to pay for it.  If it's to much to pay for then, I may just quit console gaming forever.  But I actually have got some PSN spam and chain mail talking about this(I get a lot of spam and chain mail on PSN).  I think Sony intends to keep the service free of charge, hopefully. I'm suprised it took ya'll this long to post an article about it. I believe most of the the Maximum PC "Rumors" because they actually sound true, but I call "no dice" on this rumor.




The second they integrate this, im selling my PS3 indefinitely. 



Xbox live is a better service...period.  PSN hasn't fully developed because they don't have the funding.  Xbox Live costs under 3 dollars a month if you look out for xbox live 12 month sub cards.  Got mine for 34.99 from amazon.  I would buy a ps3 but sony hasn't given me enough reason to.  Not enough AAA titles and not enough support.  Hell, you're lucky to find someone with a mic on psn.  Everyone on xbox 360 has one which enriches the experience further, or degrades it because of all the 13 year olds.  But either way, if sony starts charging I think they'll find out real quick that it won't work for them at this point.


Hg Dragon

But only under a specific set of circumstances. It would have to be a lot like Live, with a cohesive, overarcing structure and unified online services for games. If it's still the piecemeal, "devs are responsible for their own stuff" approach they have now, then what's the point other than a money-grab? I won't pay just to access the PSN store when I can get it for free now.



I sure hope this isn't true. One of the selling points of the PS3 for me is that the online is free! I mean, sony even used that as one of their main points in comparison to the Xbox. If sony starts charging for online, I'm selling my PS3 and all of it's games, and never buying another sony product again. I'll just play on my PC then. It's not that I don't have the money to pay for it, it's that I cannot stand when a company does shit like this to their customers.




I wouldn't mind NOT paying for Xbox Live, but fifty bucks a year is barely a blip on the radar to me. Those servers won't run themselves, and those updates have to cost money--plus, I think it's smart on Microsoft's part that they're looking for ways to recoup their losses with the development of the 360. Consoles and Xbox Live especially aren't cheap to develop, and you have to fund them somehow. And, if you consider that on average, for the first year of a console's life, the manufacturer who makes them actually loses money for each one sold, I'm willing to pay for a quality online experience. I sure wish Netflix was covered under that cost though....

Now, I don't consider myself a Microsoft fanboy or anything, but I also know they importance of looking at things from both party's points of view. Microsoft is a business, first and foremost, and the most fundamental aspect of a business is to maximize profit and expand. And since everyone else was so quick to hold up the picket signs against MS' subscription fee, I figure I should do the opposite.

I only have to look at the rising satisfaction rates of Microsoft's products (IE8, Win7, lower RROD rates on the 360) to know that they're struggling to keep face. When I had to ship in my 360 in for repair it was about four years old, so it wasn't supposed to be covered under any warranties. They sent me a new Arcade edition 360 as a replacement. Granted, it took like a month to get it back, but they sent me a free month of Xbox Live to make up the difference. So, I was satisfied. Annoyed with the incident, yes, but satisfied in the end.

I think a lot of people hate on Microsoft unfairly. I dislike big corporations as much as the next guy, but they're no different from Sony or Apple--they're all out to get their own piece of the pie. In the end, it's what drives innovation.

Gonna stop here before I go COMPLETELY off-topic.  ^_^;



This is why I avoid xbox, I won't pay for it, never will. Lost sale here, and if it comes to paid access, I won't buy their next console either.

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 Riight cause that just what us customers want. Pay to get online, so we can pay to get on PSN so we can Pay to get more games.

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Aren't they already making money off of the games, movies, and TV shows?

Although, honestly - I wouldn't mind paying $5 a month IF every 12 months, I could download a AAA title for free (not something from PixelJunk).


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