Rumor: Sony Ericsson Working on Android 3.0 Gaming Phone



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Looks like an awesome phone. I dig it.



If this phone will be able to do everything that my Incredable does and play high end handheld games with real controls....I would get this in a second!  I have been asking for it and wondering what the hold up is!  I wish that they would put a dual-core snapdragon in it though.  And I hope that they are working with some serious new battery tech cause I can't imagine that this would be anything but power hog!  The Droid X is awful from what I hear from a friend of mine...even comparied to my phone.  Like 2 hours before you need to plug it in. 



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I could get into this. They could just as easily screw it up, too. But done right, this could be a great big deal. Sony just needs to think forward with this, not current. They need to design and build something that will have top-notch hardware when it launches. Thus, I'm concerned about the 1GHz Snapdragon. That's today's top processor for mobile phones, not tomorrow's.


Keith E. Whisman

All other gaming phones have crashed and burned. I don't think that trend is going to change at all.


MdX MaxX

Wow.  I've imagined an Android-based PSP sequel, but never thought it could actually happen.  Awesome!  The five-year-old PSP feels outdated and cheap compared to todays smartphones.  We need something new.

Too bad about the screen size though; I'd love something like a 4.7" 854x480 capacitive touchscreen, or even a 1280x720 screen if possible.




i've been asking for this phone forever, WANT!!!

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