Rumor Roundup: Everything You Need to Know About Google’s October 29th Android Event



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Meanwhile, poor Fat Kid Apple is pouting in the corner because he didn't get picked for a team. That's okay; you can be the "referee," Fat Kid. Really. See, here's a whistle for you... blowhard.



windows 8 looked to take advantage, looked like it would be a very good year with the release of Windows 8 on tablets and smartphones, and now we hear information from Google and its new developments, seems that everything he did microsoft will go to hell.



sucks for microsoft



The tablet sounds great as coming from Google it will be offered as the 'pure android experience' rather than coming with the bloatware from a carrier. my 2 concerns, is there a micro SD slot, and if this made by Samsung we will get stuck with their stupid proprietary connector (like their new tab)?

the phone is from LG, which users have complain about getting updates and everything pertaining to LG. Once again is there a expendable storage, 16g is great for onboard but can we expand?



My thoughts exactly. Why should I limit myself when I could have my entire music and movie library in the palm of my hand? I won't buy any device that doesn't have a micro SD slot.

The new tab is most likely going to use Samsung's new Exynos 5 processor.
Can't wait!



Hopefully it's an OLED display.



ya, that'd be sweet



Really? 2560x1600 on a 10" tablet. I'm really hating the PC stagnation. They're JUST getting to 2560x1440 in 27". This is... blows.



It probably has something to do with the fact that the bigger the screen, the higher the chance of defects.
Also if I remember correctly, chance of defects is a square of the pixel density increase. So if you increase horizontal and vertical resolution by 2, that will be a 4 times total resolution increase and a 16 times more chance for producing a defective screen.

In other words if the defective rate of the initial low-res screen was 5%, the new one will be 5x16 = 80%... not good.

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