Rumor: Quad-Core Samsung Galaxy S III to Hit Store Shelves in April



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The big sales come from OEM's, and now that the "supply" has caught up with market making demand plenty will languish in subsidized upgrade inventory for poor peoples single core units to overheat and brick prior to the contract extention though past warranty. April will be more like pre-orders for dad/grad promotions and carry another six months to black friday sales and blowouts of last years GS2.

Can't wait.



Pretty much the exact opposite of what all the Android and phone sites are saying which is that the GS3 won't be released at MWC next month and won't hit the market until later this year, I'm going with the because that's what they specialize in.



I have been holding off on a tablet to get this one. I hope the tablet will be released at the same time?



GS3 already?! Sounds awesome, but it seems like people didn't have enough time to enjoy the GS2, especially the US. Looks like US might get the shaft again with a late launch....

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