Rumor: OCZ's On The Selling Block, With Seagate or Micron Looking To Buy



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Cash flow problems? Potential leveraged/forced buy-out from Seagate who offer nothing more than some green backs? This reeks of vulture capitalist extraordinary Mitt Romney.



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Interesting, the most unreliable HDD company wants to buy the most unreliable SSD company.



It was the sandforce controller that was buggy. OCZ just happened to to sell the most of them. And I guess didn't respond well to the problem. IDK, didn't have the problem.

What I can say is trying to upgrade the firmware on the older gen (vertex 3/solid 3) drives is a pain in the ass if not impossible. The drive has to be in AHCI mode, which if you didn't have enabled when you installed windows, the drivers are inactive and it will not work. The fixes for the driver didn't work either and only BSOD the system. I gave up on upgrading the firmware...and bought a vertex 4.
It was on sale.



I remember not that long ago when Seagate was the most reliable vendor. Then they bought out Maxtor, the least reliable. That's when Seagate seemed to go from top to bottom pretty fast. I've never bought an OCZ, so I don't know how they go.



I concur with this.

I've never had more hdd's failures than when I was using seagate.
I've sufferred through the early days of OCZ Vertex II and Agility III drives causing BSOD's Maybe thery're version IV drives will fair better.

For me it Western Digital for HDD's, and Intel for SSD's



Exactly what I was thinking.

Optimist: Seagate will bring OCZ's reliability in line with their mechanical drives.

Pessimist: Seagate will bring OCZ's reliability in line with their mechanical drives.




Time will come where Mechanical Hard Drives will be a thing of the past, today SSDs continue to lower their prices and that's good for us consumers. I wish I could get one this year :) it's very hard for me to save some cash coz I'm still a student hahaha but that will not stop my passion for PCs and the technology behind it :)



An excellent way for Seagate to expand their existing portfolio of drives.

But on the consumer side Seagate would then be able to artificially influence the prices of both SSd's and HDD's. They would be able to exert an undue influence on the storage market.

It would best if OCZ were able to weather the cash flow storm, but I don't think that will be possible. If they were to be purchased by someone such as Corsair or Cooler Mater they might have a chance. The products made by OCZ would definitely fit in with those of Corsair, and open up new avenues for Cooler Master.


Bean Bandit

Unless there just wanting the equipment that they have so they can start there own SSD's I don't see why they would want to buy OCZ. They don't have the best track record out there.



Seagate has their enterprise Pulsar line of SSD's, and acquiring OCZ would give them a well-established consumer line. Personally, I have never owned an OCZ drive, but haven't had any issues with Seagate hard drives, yet.
However, if such an acquisition were to transpire, surely Western Digital would snatch some other company up to stay competitive.


Peanut Fox

Interesting. Sad to see OCZ in a though spot.

You could look at Corsair and draw a lot of parallels between the two companies. Both sold memory then branched out into PSUs and SSDs. Corsair added a strong computer case line up with some decent periferal devices. I think OCZ may have just jumped on the SSD bandwagon too hard.


John Pombrio

Easy, cheap way for a big mass storage company to jump in with both feet into the SSD market. It's a done deal.



My first reaction is "Noooooo!" because it is obvious the traditional hard drive makers don't want SSDs getting so cheap as to threaten their new (higher) prices on HDDs. If you can't beat them, buy them.

My second reaction is that with a serious storage vendor in the SSD space, we can see some truly bigger drops in prices due to volume.

My third reaction is that they will make a very nice offer for OCZ, which will make the other SSD makers take notice and start pitching themselves to Seagate and Western Digitial in hopes a huge payout for their exectives. We end up with two or three storage companies that ensure the fast SSDs don't crimp their massive HDD product machines and the whole storage market stagnates.

Call me a pessimist but this is going to be bad for the SSD market.



I think your spot on.

HDD prices may continue to go down, but they are artificially high right now...They have been fully recovered from the flood and they are no where near pre-flood pricing levels. Right before the disaster I bought a 2TB HDD for $70. The cheapest you can get that now is $115.
And I think normal people who don't burn 30GB blu-rays to their HDD are realizing that they really don't need that much. 1TB for storage and a decent size SSD will be the standard mainstream PC very soon. SSDs arn't just for enthusiast anymore.
And this may have a short term benefit for consumers, but ultimately the little guys will either get bought up, or run out and we will be left with the same shitty price fixing record profits we are seeing from the HDD manufactures.



It's still going to be years before SSDs are as cheap as HDDs. In the meantime, HDD prices will continue to go down, barring another disaster.

I agree, selling to Seagate would be bad. Selling to Micron, not so much.



Too much agglomeration of medium-sized companies (if you can call 375 million medium) into massive companies. Before long, you'll have all the SSD companies bought up and we'll have two heavy hitters duking it out just like in the HDD market, and that's not good for anyone.

Personally, I think it's also short-sighted of OCZ. They've gone from being unreliable to solid competitors, so if they can just man up and deal with their cash-flow problems, they will be golden. Plus, everyone knows the future of storage is SSD. In ten years HDDs will be a niche market for mass storage, and the benefactor will be Seagate, not OCZ.

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