Rumor: Nvidia Working on Chipset to Bypass Sandy Bridge Architecture



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  My nForce 750a SLI chip has an 8200GT, a northbridge, and a southbridge, all on one chip.  It's rather impressive, aside from the glitchiness and single PCI-E x16 lane.

  It also runs really hot.  The heatsink MSI put on the thing makes it run around 50C pretty consistently, and my friend, with another 750a on an ASUS mobo with a larger heatsink on the MCP hits 45C pretty consistently.  Doesn't seem to hurt anything, though, and it's probably because of the gigantic die size (I think it's 80nm).


Keith E. Whisman

In some ways AMD has what Intel has dreamed about for years and years, a high end processor and discrete gaphics divisions that can work together to bring profit to Intel. AMD has it's Radeon Graphics that compete with the best discrete graphics products on the market today and CPU's that offer very real processing value. 

If Intel had to really compete with AMD, price wise, it wouldn't be long before Intel would be in financial trouble.

It think this is why Intel is fighting off Nvidia as best they can, but I have a feeling that sometime in the not too distant future, some court will order Intel to grant Nvidia a license to produce competing parts. That's just the price you pay when your as big and successful as Intel, and really we could stand to see some competition here because that really drives innovation and invention. 

Stiff competition drove Intel to produce the Core processors that kicked ass in just about every way. Surely it's possible for competition to force companies to produce their best.


Hell I just thought that I would add this and it doesn't have anything to do with the subject, but as you may know that the cell phone was inspired by the Original Star Trek Series communicator, well we've had these clunky phone for a while now and I was wondering when we are going to move up to the Comm badges of Star Trek The Next Generation? I want my damned Comm badge and I don't care who hears my phone calls, it's not like you don't already hear half of people phone call conversations anyway, why not just give us the full two way conversation. Open air buddy.



Hey, nVidia and Intel can fight all they want, while ATi laughs at them both!



ATI who?  Never heard of em...O wait...that's the company that became AMDs bitch a few years ago...They don't exist anymore...As of last week I think.



The ATi name was given the axe by AMD a few days ago.



I'm aware. Just realized it now.

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