Rumor: Nvidia Tegra 4 Roadmap Leaks



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I'll wait for the Nokia Lumia "coffee" Windows 8 tab to come out. Then I won't have to worry about any of the internal hardware specs.



The tests have been performed by independent websites and show that the Tegra 3 is stronger in purely CPU based tasks, but in graphical tests, the A5X smokes the Tegra 3. How many tasks are purely CPU in iOS? Not that many given the APIs they have to offload work to the GPUs.



I always thought that Tegra3 was a misstep. Being built on A9 instead of A15 was the mistake. A15 doesn't consume much more power than A9 but its way more powerful.

Personally I think that a dual or perhaps quad core A7 with a M4 would do great for smartphones. The A7 consumes less than half the power of a A9 and a dual or quad would still have enough power for low and midrange phones. Highend phones could get a dual core A15 with a A5 for idle and background services and tablets could get quad A15's with an A7.

But I'm just a nobody who doesn't know anything. HTC had it right obviously with the Rezound. 1.5Ghz power hungry A8's that arnt as fast as A9's clocked lower. That thing must be really fast and sold extremely well right? Nope and nope.



Funny thing is that Apples claim is bull shit their "tests" where probably made so they would come out on top.



Do you know what else is bullshit? Making a claim a companies benchmarks is bullshit with out any proof to prove otherwise. The iPad(3) has been out over a month now, and I haven't heard anything refuting it.


Peanut Fox

Better? Maybe yes maybe no, but i don't think it's nearly as big as stated. In general the screen is much better on the iPad. In the linked comparison you hear them talk about sharper text due to the higher screen resolution on the iPad.

Graphics aside I think the iPad is a better tablet device as a whole compared to the Android offerings.

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