Rumor: Nvidia Releasing Single PCB GTX 295 with Faster Memory



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Hrm.  Dunno how this would work out in re. folding.  Single PCB = cooler running card?  Performance should be the same, but adding another half inch to the length isn't too good for those of us with tight cases.  I wonder if the old GTX295's might come down in price a bit to move stock?



I don't know that we'll see much in why way of price cuts on the current version, as there isn't much stock to begin with. For example, Newegg currently shows just two models available (a $760 watercooled BFG and $530 Asus), and both ZipZoomFly mWave don't have any that are in stock.



Ah, too true.  It's been in tight supply.

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