Rumor: Nvidia to Refresh GT200 with DirectX 10.1 Support



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I guess "They Way it's supposed to be played" means "They way that nVidia wants you to play", when they ask their partners to disable support for competitors' hardware. Plus, did nVidia say since AMD supported DX 10.1 that 10.1 doesn't matter? Oh, how we have come full circle. Now AMD will soon be releasing the first DX 11-compatible card while nVidia is going to release 10.1 cards. Brilliant.



It cost money to shrink dies,support DX 10.1. They were to busy taking 8xxx series chips and marking them 9xxx series when they need to shirnk dies and lower voltage. Give up on the double decker video cards and go with low profile cards.

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Now nVidia decides to jump on the bandwagon, 3 years later...

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Go ATI....RAH RAH RAH...!!



All aboard the fail boat!



Its there way of saying.....hey you need to buy new cards so you can have DX 10.1!!! Instead of already having it on the current gen of cards.But they wouldnt make enough money that way !!!!! LMAO

 Im so sick of just feelin UBer with new hardware and few months later Im old tech lol.Tech ya gotta love it.Runs faster than my wallet does.

 Yeah DX 10.1 is useless right now.DX 10 is just now in more games than before and its old???? BLAH!!

Hmmm...if you buy a new card JUST for DX 10.1.....I wonder will it run DX11 in WIn7 when its out on shelfs? or do ya gotta buy another,thats funny.

They do this on purpose,cause they know the hardware will last a long time,if they dont refresh products with something new.Then no one will buy more hardware. SO high tech hardware for PC's is a consumable market!!

Its like I have a core 2 duo 8400,it works great.But I wish I had a core i7 in right now,even tho on REAL benchmarks you gain average of 3-5 fps.Synthetic benchmarks of course show alot of difference between the 2 processors.But I cant justify buy a processor ram and mobo just to switch to a new i7,with small gain.I will say if I was building a new tower then yeah I would have one,i will when I build the next build then the corei999999 will be out lol.STILL i want the new tech!!! cause Im a GEEK and I like the TECHNOLOGY!!!.Just impossible to stay on top.My 2 GTX 280's are almost ancient already too...BLAH :-p



What is physicly different about a DX10.1 card? What I am wondering is why can't they enable DX 10.1 for the gen DX 10 cards?



There are two reasons that this is retarted... 1) as stated in a previous comment, DX11 is about to come out, why now with DX10.1? and 2) did anyone ever really care about DX10.1? almost nothing ever used it, (the only thing I can think of is Assassins Creed, and they put out a patch that disabled it!)



And with DX11 around the corner, does nVidia finally adopt DX10.1... good thinking there boys!

Adopting DX10.1 late in the game, refusing to use GDDR5, or going to a smaller fab. process on their GPU's... Ya, great forward thinking there Team nVidia. I'll just stick with ATI thankyouverymuch!


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