Rumor: Nvidia to Rebrand 9800 GTX+ & 8800 GT at cEBIT



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They promised but there is no diplometic change overall. I am agree with the article strongly. I think it will progress in future. i think they didnt.

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 These people are the same ones who promised two years ago to make a simplified naming system that was easier to understand. People today have less understanding of which cards are better than others than they did 3 years ago.


"There's no time like the future."


Keith E. Whisman

This is Stupid. They are mearly trying to trick people that don't know any better into buying old and obsolete video cards. The 8800GT is more than a generation old. That's like 200 Dog years. I Hope Nvidia will do the right thing and just use the new naming scheme on new hardware as it's released. Puting lipstick on a pig isn't going to change anything. A pig is a pig is a pig. (there I changed that one and reinvented it)



Call 'em Radeons




Why all this? What's wrong with the current branding?

I rather liked 9800GTX. Sounds bad. 



They were fine before, then they made it worse, now they are bringing the old cards into this crap. If someone actually had trouble figuring out what cards were what, it makes me wonder how much they look into them.

 GT,GTS,GTX. Simple. 

 I barely had to think, yet pay attention to these cards when  figuring out what one was better, what one was worth my cash. If I really got interested, I would look into the specs on Newegg....


Maybe the new re-branding should be GeForce A, B and C? 

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