Rumor: Nvidia GT212 Specs Leaked to the Web



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Looks like ATI was way ahead of the curve on their HD4870 memory bus interface, huh? I guess the war is on full scale now.



I'm no expert on microprocessor design. but why would they slash the memory bandwidth from 512 to 256?



Well I'm guessing that with GDDR5 they can send the same amount of data on less paths. Reducing the bits helps simplify the design, and probably reduces costs and potential manufacturing defects. All with the same or better perfromance. That's a win-win for nVidia and customers. In the end, performance is all that matters to me. If they could pass a terabyte through an 8-bit architecture, I'd be all over it. heh



Here's hoping they can bring the cards back down to a reasonable size. The damn 9800 GTX+ is 10.5 inches long! It's like working a miracle to get that card in some machines. And just because there's a die shrink doesn't mean it won't have a wicked big heat sink & fan. Hopefully the "reduced greatly" power requirements will produce a cooler (and smaller) piece of hardware.

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