Rumor: Nvidia G92 and G94 Chips are Failing Too



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In a rwesponse to the article that the INQ posted cocerning the nVidia failures, The Tech report put up a poll of users, asking if the chips/cards are actually failing, ( ).

So far it seems that only 14% are reporting failures.



14% is still WAY to high. Would you buy a new porsche if 14% of them crapped out on you while on vacation? Thats would be called a recall and possibly considered a lemon.



Are thes notebook chips or desktops also?



Please stop using The Inquirer as a serious source of information because it damages your own credibility.  It's little more than a tabloid and as far as journalism goes, it's a joke. 

What we have here is an opinion piece disguised as news by someone with a blatant anti-nVidia bias who can't even get his facts straight.  For starters, a possion distribution is not the same thing as a bell curve.  In fact, they are quite the opposite of each other.

Second, a few pieces of second-hand and third-hand information from a few disgruntled nVidia customers doesn't mean that the G92/G94 chips are failing at abnormally high rates. 

The article itself is little more than a poorly disguised anti-nVidia opinion piece with a bunch of hasty generalizations, half-truths and out-of-context second-hand information.



They were right about the first failing gpu's. They were right about John Edwards (the joke he is) 2 weeks before we heard it on the news ( go go rush limbaugh!). Not saying they are right about this particular incident but they could be!!!! You never know! Besides the end of the world is comming soon and we have a secret relationship with aliens that's supposed to stop it from happening!!!! WOOHOO!! And yes they are affiliated with the National Inquirer.



Nvidia seems to be really sucking lately.Just when I was concidering giving them a try, reading about more issues makes it difficult to even want to buy one.



HOT DAMN!!!!!!!...........literally

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