Rumor: Nvidia Drops XFX from Team Green



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Who knows to wanted to leave, but if Nvidia forced out XFX because it was selling ATI, then I will never buy an Nvidia card again.  This is a free market and whoever has the better products will get revenues.  So XFX was smart buy offering both solutions with an amazing warranty.  I will buy XFX for every card now on.  As for Nvidia.  Pssshhhh >.>



There are a few companies that make graphics cards for both, ASUS and MSI are the only two I can think of off the top of my head. I'd take this with a grain of salt since it's just one line. Sure it's from a respectable hardware news site, but still, it's one line that doesn't say anything else.

And to be honest with the folks down there, dumping NVIDIA over this is a folly.



One more reason not to buy nVidia i guess. Untill this generation i have usually perfered their cards for the obvious performance issues(ATI & nVidia put out sucky drivers). I really dont see what nVidia stands to gain by doing this.


Poor show.


Mighty BOB!

Assuming this is true.. Way to kill your own business nvidia..



This could very well be the determining factor that decides whether I stick with Nvidia or not, would at least be a key element.



does this mean the company will go down or only they won't be making more nvidia based chipset cards?



That's too bad.  XFX makes good cards and they have great customer service.

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