Rumor: Nvidia and XFX to Part Ways



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Wow..............XFX, Nvidia, ATI. This is better than Jerry Springer



Fermi has been delayed for so long there just isn't any explanation left except that the platform has major problems. I'm pretty sure that XFX knew in advance that Nvidia might drop them and decided they couldn't afford to wait on Fermi and went forward with AMD anyways.

Proprietary features (CUDA, PhysX) the developers don't want to support, a narrow range of vendors, and a litany of ongoing feuds with competitors is no way to run a business. If Fermi isn't the complete revolution it's supposed to be I think Nvidia is in really deep trouble.   



"XFX is considered one of the 'big three' GPU partners who offer a true lifetime warranty on their GPUs"

The hell they do. I had one BLOW UP on my. Three capacitors and guess what? No replacement. Their garbage. I'll never buy from them again.



did they say the reason? don't think i had problems with their cards.



You have 30 days from date of purchase to register the card with them.  If you miss that window no more lifetime warranty.  Then you get 1 year.  After that SOL.  Hope you knew that you had to register your card that came preinstalled in your computer (if you order a built pc instead of building one yourself).  Oh and yes you have to have the card in your hand to get the info they need to register it.

XFX is a crappy company and I've had 2 cards from them die (one was in SLI so the remaining card so maybe I should say 3 cards). 

Sucks for ATI getting a crappy vendor like XFX.



Holy crap! Are you serious?! You actually have to jump through a hoop to upgrade your warranty to something almost no manufacturer in any industry would stand behind? A lifetime warranty is not a right, its a privileged. The fact that they offer it free of charge for simply registering your product is nothing short of amazing, especially in this day and age. The documentation with the card clearly states that you must register the product within 30 days to be eligible. Not doing so doesn't void your warranty, it just makes you ineligible for the upgraded warranty. The standard warranty for the card is a pretty standard term for electronics devices, so don't be outraged because you failed to follow directions and missed out on an awesome deal.



Who said a lifetime warranty was a right?  But if you are going to advertise it as suck you shouldn't make it a lifetime warranty only if you do this and that.  Snap-on tools have a lifetime warranty no resistring needed.  That and as stated if you get your computer from an oem and they don't put in the info about registering your card how would you know?  Hell I bought two of there cards fron newegg as an oem edition and guess what.  Yeah no f'n card are anything about registering your card to get the lifetime warranty.  If they are going to promote having it then they should give it you.  I'm ok if you have to prove your the orginial purchaser, to keep 2nd hand cards.





Can you say monopoly? Sure sounds like it to me. If your not exclusive to us you cant use our chips. Sounds like a potential lawsuit.



Woo, this certainly makes things interesting. At least when I go shopping for an ATI GPU (which I might start considering more) there'll be at least one company I know who to trust. ATI does seem to be doing a bit better in terms of GPU technology than NVIDIA, but we'll see what happens when Fermi finally rolls out.

 Also a note to the mod, the semnatics of the disclaimer can be a little odd. Does that statement apply to the poster or the moderator? (Yes I know the answer to that, but still) 



When XFX teamed up with ATI, I was thinking that it would cause problems and that XFX would live to regret that decision. I wonder how long it will take XFX to drop AMD, burning that bridge, to satisfy Nvidia, who will drop them anyway. 

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XFX as of late, 12-18M has had major Q&A problems which not only affected Nvidia based cards and boards but also X58 boards and ATI cards. I honestly believe it is for this reason they shall soon part ways completely. Unless they clean up their act, expect US support to be next and propabl ATI next year. Again, this is related to the Q&A from XFX, more of what they ship and sell has issues than any other maker. Can't expect to stay in business selling stuff that constantly breaks or doesn't work right from the word go.




Yes I'm sure their reference PCBs are worse than other vendors reference PCBs. Unless it's an *OC edition* or something like that it is generally the EXACT same card no matter which manufacturer you purchase from, the only tangible difference being the warranty, so unless you pay a premium for a non-reference board (That should have more expensive and better parts) you're getting the same board regardless of vendor. Not the vendor's fault it breaks, and they've got a better warranty so it doesn't even matter unless you flashed the bios and voided your warranty or something, in which case you can only blame yourself.

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