Rumor: Nook Lite and Nook 2 on the Way



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I just bought a nook (isn't it supposed to all be lowercase?) late last month. :\



For many of us the wireless thing is useless and just adds cost to the device. This might work for me. I don't think the ipad is comparable, it doesn't have what I need for an ebook reader:

 - portability: I want a reader that takes about as much space as a paperback, otherwise I might as well just carry a laptop.

 - Battery life: yes, the ipad has like 10 hours battery life... compare that to 2-3 weeks for e-ink ebook readers.

 - I can read e-ink ebook readers just fine under bright light/sunlight, not the ipad.

 To tell you the truth, I still don't know what's the big deal with the ipad, to me it's just a netbook that does 1/10th the things a netbook does.


Keith E. Whisman

I wish it had a color E-Paper display. I guess the Ipad is really the only device that will offer everything I'm looking for in an E-Reader.



I'd wait until the Notion Ink Adam comes out before jumping onto the Ipad wagon. 


Keith E. Whisman

I'm not going to purchase an Ipad but right now with what's available it seems that the Ipad is the best choice. For right now that is. I really want something like a convertible laptop or netbook that turns into a tablet or that HP tablet. A basic tablet for the basics and a convertible laptop for more advanced stuff that would be outside the realm of an Atom based tablet.



The lite version not having cell data isn't a big deal to me.  The sub $200 price point is quite compelling, but I will see if ver 1.4 fixes some of the bugs.  If it does then it may become even more compelling.

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