Rumor: Nokia in Talks with Microsoft About Windows Phone 7



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I'll buy it if it's unlocked, has a large amount of on board memory, large capacity mem card and has the necessary GSM frequencies.  I nice upgrade would be one of Nokia's Zeiss Cameras . . but I digress.



The ultimate smartphone! I've always lusted for Nokia's high end phones and what stopped me from getting one is the US adoption of Symbian based os or the lack of said adoption. This would be a huge step in the right direction for both winphone and Nokia smartphones. Is it possible Nokia would come out with a winphone incased in an metal body? I surely hope so! That would definitely be a perfect phone. More so if they make that phone for Tmobile!



I've been a fan of Nokia phones until recent years, when their phones just don't cut it anymore. However, if they do jump onto the Windows Phone 7 bandwagon, I'd definitely recommend getting the phone, simply because software isn't a big issue. All WP7 devices use Microsoft's Zune software for every single thing that may require a computer, even firmware upgrades. I wouldn't get a Nokia-WP7 because I got an LG Optimus Quantum already and I have no need for two WP7 phones, but I'd definitely recommend Nokia's solution to those in need of a new phone.



It would be awesome if this phone was made. I currently have a nokia brand phone and it gets great signal and hasn't broken even though i've stepped on it and dropped it many times. Also, i really want a windows 7 based phone.

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