Rumor: Nintendo 3DS “Close” to as Powerful as an Xbox 360 or PS3



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I just got the Nintendo 3DS, its not as good as "on tv."


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I call shenanigans on this. Or at best, overzealous marketing hype. Releasing an insanely powerful handheld device would completely go against the business model that nintendo has been using from day one.

 Nintendo has never been known for cutting edge hardware. What nintendo does, and does very well, is make very affordable (albeit subpar) gaming systems with catchy family oriented titles and often times throw in a sales gimmick (robot, gun, wiimote, etc.) Kids want gaming systems, but its mom and dad that buy them. When you are comparing a $79 gameboy to a $199 psp the choice is clear, especially when you aren't the one playing it.

 I highly doubt nintendo is going to come out with a system that costs a fortune to produce and even more to purchase. They have made a killing off of doing the most with the least. Why change what isn't broken?





Ooh, a Radeon x1900/Geforce 7800, a triple/single core 3.2GHz PowerPC 970 derivative and 512/256 MB RAM. Sounds powerful. </sarcasm>


Zachary K.

What did they fit in there? A GTX 480? a quantum computer? Will I be able to fry an egg on it?



So... the 3DS will be able to output 1080p to my TV?

I think Nintendo has been hiring marketing people from Nvidia...



"So... the 3DS will be able to output 1080p to my TV?"

Since where did it say that?

 "Several developers that have experienced 3DS in its current form have
reported, off the record, that it has processing capabilities that far
exceed the Nintendo Wii and bring the device with abilities that are
close to HD consoles such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360,

 At no point in that "off the record" statement does anyone say outputting ANYTHING to your TV.

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I highly doubt the next Nintendo handheld will come even close to the PS3. Seriously. The PS3 is a really advanced hardware - didn't SquareEnix say that FF13 only utilizes less than half of the PS3's horsepower? And to claim that they're capable of building a handheld portable nearly powerful as Sony's PS3 is hard to swallow. If anything, it would be Sony that would have the technological know-how to bring the power of the PS3 to a handheld.



I seriously doubt that we have hardware today that can almost match the prowess of today's consoles, without resorting to active cooling (which is something I don't want in a video game portable). And last I heard, this thing would have Wii level graphics, which I find to be more plausible.



360 and PS3 are 5+ years. People still act like their next generation. If a dev like ID would get the balls and make a true next gen game exclusively for todays PCs then console gamers will realized how gaming development has stagnated and its because of the current consoles. I'm not saying the games look bad just saying I'm a PC gamer (first) and I'm ready for the next big jump in graphics, physics and gameplay. Something like BF1942 did back in 2004. The last game that made my jaw hit the ground.



PS3 was released in November 2007, making it less than 4 years. 


Donate blood!



Even if I see it.  Until I own one I just won't believe it.  Why is the Wii so shitty (asides from being a console) and yet, they plan to release a mammoth of graphical ingenuity.  I will say, it will have the wii's graphics at best.  If it does have ps3 or 360 graphics, then it will probably come without any memory or something else that is needed but they decided to do without.  Nintendo, you confuse me.



 "Why is the Wii so shitty..." Woah, woah, woah. Care to explain how the Wii is shitty? What about it, is so shitty? Care to explain this one to us?


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The reason the wii is so shitty is as follows.

Shitty graphics

Games are shitty (aside from a few)

Onboard memory is shit


I have had the wii for two years or so now, and I have less time on it than I do Dragon Age Origins.


To be fair though, it has seen much more action than my 360 elite that

I still can't understand why I bought.



"Shitty graphics"

Graphics is debateable. Depending on who you talk to really. If you've grown up in the HD era, then sure they may seem shitty, but that's also a lot to do with the fact that there are more and more people who think that shiny graphics make the game. And they all seem to be in the 20 and under group. Funny how that is eh?


"Games are shitty (aside from a few)"

Shitty games, again is debateable. Depending on your tastes I can see you turning away from the Wii as a lot of the games on the forefront are "Happy Fun Time YAY" type games. However, the Wii has it's share of dark, violent, gritty, scary, adventerous, and fun games. If you were to take the time to browse the entire library, I'm sure you'll find a lot to like. Hey, if you want to list your top 10 games on the PS3 or 360, I'll respond with similar style/type of games on the Wii.


Onboard memory is shit"

Onboard memory... ya, I can see how that could be an issue. If there was large DLC, installing game data, storing of music and movies on the console. However, with the Wii update a year ago which allowed downloading to and playing from an SD card, this is somewhat of a moot point. SD card capacity has increased a LOT. a 16GB card is not that expensive anymore. So if you really want to save every Wiiware and Virtual Console game to your system, nothings stopping you from picking up a few SD cards and having a seperate one dedicated for each (virtual) console, and Wiiware, plus gamesaves. Because honestly, unless you are downloading HD movies, ripping your entire music collection, installing games (ala PS3 and 360) or have large DLC's, the onboard memory is just fine for most people.

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