Rumor: New Sony Readers on the Horizon All Featuring Touchscreens



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 Well, SONY's Pocket Reader is already in SAM'S Club or BJ's for $99. What I WAS waiting for was a SONY Reader in a Pearl E-Ink without the touch screen. Mind you, thre reason WHY E-Ink developed the Pearl higher contrast was exactly for compensating for touch screen overlays. (I already own a SONY 505 reader which I love).

  If I were SONY, I would probably bow to the inevitable and pack it in. It's really hard to compete with two giants of the print world like Amazon and B&N.

 My true wish would be a SONY reader (E-Pub forever!) with a Pearl screen and no touch screen. I would buy it in a NY minute.



I had a PRS-505 and loved it as well until it hit the floor :)

I tried both the touch and pocket edition but the pocked was too small and the touch was too glossy.

I agree with you I would like to buy a next generation PRS-505 but its just not in the cards it would seem.

Kindle 3 here I come!

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