Rumor: MWC Will See the First Unveiling of the Zune Phone



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And I'm still getting comfortable with my 32gb zune. If this phone wants to compete with the iPhone it needs a different interface besides lines of text. If they want an APP store then they should have some sort of icon based menu, at least for apps.



Not impressed.

480x272 is just not gonna cut it when phones are coming out with 800x480 screens. I don't know about you guys, but for all-touch phones screen size and resolution is one of the biggest factors for me. I'm barely scraping by on my G1's 480x320 screen.



Meh. I sort of like my Zune HD, but I had to send it in for repairs and I'm still waiting on it.

The Zune software doesn't let me log in randomly, and I can't use my Zune pass credits due to some server error for the last 3 days.

I hope they get the software side worked out if they do come out with a phone. I still like it, it just gets annoying sometimes. I could see the hardware for a phone, like the HD, being top notch.



Well, I guess it's a step in the right direction but I think they have it backwards. It SHOULD be a Zune with a phone tacked on, not the other way around. It works for the iphone/ipod touch.

Even though I love my Zune the way it is and don't want it as a phone I know there are plenty people out there that do.

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