Rumor: MSI's X58 Motherboard Will Support Quad-SLI



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with consoles getting stronger each generation, why does hardware manufacturers focus on more cards. they should just share Lithography and make GPUs smaller, in fact, they should trash the old Slot GPUs and make it a flip chip instead. now that the mouse and keyboard are no longer PC exclusive I wonder how will the PC gaming survive



Quad SLI already exists.... 7950GX2 x 2 and the 9800GX2 x 2.  There are a couple of reasons you wouldn't be able to run four full size graphics cards:

1. Power requirements.  1300w is the maximum you can pull from a power outlet in the US at 110v.  It probably wouldn't be enough, considering high end cards run at close to 300 a pop.

2. Full size cards take 2 expansion slots, and the maximum in most computer cases is 7.  4x2=8 < 7

 Having said that, I wish that motherboard manufacturers would just drop the bomb already and include 6 PCIE x16 v2/3 slots, and one PCI at the bottom for legacy support, the way motherboard companies used to do PCI and ISA.  It would also be nice to have a dedicated RAID processor, and ditch the shoddy onboard sound, but hey, a guy can dream can't he?



When did we stop trying to make GPUs more powerful and just decided to slap a few more on top of what's already there?

 That being said:  Can you imagine Crysis on it's absolute highest settings, on a huge display (heck, maybe a projector would be better suited for this) and still running at 40+ fps?!!!!  Sweetness!




I've read some forum posts where some games have issues with a dual card setup so I don't even want the headache let alone think about 4 cards.



Personally, I don't feel that I need even dual-SLI... let alone quad...

 This press release from nVidia: "Users looking to exponentially raise your power bills, Quad-SLi is here!"

Keep in mind, this is my opinion, but if you feel like being that person, flame on.



When they say quad-sli, does that mean 4 physical graphics cards or 4
gpu's? And if it means 4 actual cards then is it possible to use 9800
GX2's and have a total of 8 gpu's?



My same thoughts.



Until they get the scaling done correctly and the drivers updated, as well have any game that can properly use the power of 4 GPUs, then this venture is worthless and a waste of time and money. I had the eVGA GeForce 7950 G2 for about 2 years, it did me well (even though I didn't use a hi-res resolution until the last 6 months of use), and in the end it was not what I expected.



but in all honesty i dont really care because i wont be able to afford it for 3-4 years. and by that time the next latest and greatest will be out. have fun...

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