Rumor: Microsoft Plans to Counter Android, iPhone with Two Mobile OSes



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that's right, MS, split the market. that will make it easier ... not for you anyway



just ignore microsoft.



Here's the problem with closed source OSes: Windows Mobile 7 might come out initially beating Android since Microsoft apparently thinks they can beat Android with just 6.5. However, any cool new features that come out on 7 Mobile are just going to be ported over to Android within a month or two once the bugs are ironed out. I just don't see something with as robust a community as Android has being bested for too long if there are really features out there worth having.



Well i had a win mobile phone and even though i liked the OS at the time
(it was my first "smart phone") it lacked support for example app development. 
I really don't like apples deceptiveness and telling me what i want and don't
want so I went with an android handset (G1)  I am very pleased with it.  There is
a huge community backing and supporting the OS.  So i just don't see how win 6.5
could compete with android.



The screenshot on the far right is not windows 7 mobile. Or anything to do with windows. It is a screenshot from an ipod touch/iphone that has been jailbroken, and modded with an extra theme. I should know, I have the same one.



That's pretty funny.

I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.

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