Rumor: Microsoft to Offer Free Windows 7 Upgrade to Vista Owners (there's a Catch)



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So I paid for an Ultimate Retail copy of Vista! I wanted to be able to install it anywhere since Vista was supposed to be good for at least 5-10 years with a service pack or two in there. And I hate looking for discs to upgrade it. Vista's 'upgrade' process sounded daunting and I figured the Retail copy was good enough on a fresh system with a Raptor in it.

 So can I take advantage of this MS? Please???



Good deal for a lot of people...most MPC users probably build their own though, so this really doesn't help us per se. But this will encourage many people to atleast try it out and win back some M$ support that was lost with Vista.



What if i bought an OEM version of vista?  Isnt that the same as the "pre-installed" versions? Would it apply to this promotion?


I Jedi

Damn. I guess that definitely screws me over. Huh? Seeing as how my system was not pre-built and no COA. :( DAMN YOU MS! *Waves fist*



I got screwed in the last promotion when it was XP to Vista. Out of the 8 new XP systems we submitted in that deal, only 2 got Vista back from it, and that was with submitting the same material with each claim. And dealing with the 3rd party company they used to process the claims was not fun at all due to their lack of response and comprehension. Since 7 appears to be a retooled Vista, I think all current Vista owners should get a free or extremely reduced price upgrade option. Vista hasn't been out that long.



just because the GUI appears the same doesn't mean nothing else changed. from what I've seens there's been a ton of under the hood improvements



But it could be argued that just because the code has been improved and cleaned up doesnt mean its not still basicly vista redone...



yeah, what the poster above me said!

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