Rumor: MechWarrior Lumbering into Movie Theaters



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i want another god dam game. ive heard of living legends for over a year now, but they have yet to put out. i under stand that is it a mod, but still.



I had heard rumors about a MW movie probably 6 or 7 years ago (but never heard about anything since), and have been hoping for one. I love the whole MW universe and its story and can only hope that if this truly comes to light, that it does justice to the franchise. Unfortunately, I'm doubting it will, but then again more and more comic and game related movies have been better then they were in the past, so it may just be a decent movie... we can only hope. Still, even if its only mediocre, it will be great watching those giant war machines blowing the crap out of everything on the big screen (lets just hope they dont ruin it with a huge love story or some other crap ala Pearl Harbor, great war movie, too much love story though! Yes I know, that was out a long time ago, but any WWII movie buff would probably agree with me, lol)


nsk chaos




Wow... I'm sure this won't be a steaming pile...

As much as I'd love to see a good MW movie, I just can't put any faith in it being created in a way that wasn't formulaic, cliched, and utterly devoid of the kind of story that we got with some of the good BTech books.  Maybe they should just remake Robot Jox instead.

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