Rumor: Mass Effect 2 to Receive Massive Amounts of DLC



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I bought the original Mass Effect for PC when it came out in 2007... I just played it a month ago (Oct 2009). Why? Because the damn game was so buggy I had to wait until patch 1.02 came out before I could run it for longer than 5 minutes. Now, I loved the game. Loved it!!! But I would really like ME2 to run at launch so that I don't have to wait another two years to play it. If it wasn't for the pre-order bonuses (yeah, I know I'm a sucker) I wouldn't be buying this game until I was certain the bugs had been worked out. Oh, that's so sad... saying the game will have bugs with such certainty...



My suggestion to anyone is to wait at least a year to purchase anything released witht he Bioware name on it unless it is for a console. Anything they release for PC is not only buggy as crap (to the extent you actually cannot play the game at all) but it takes then MONTHS (6+ months to release the FIRST patch for ME back when people couldn't play the game at all) to see a patch.

With that all that said, Bioware claimed last time they would have a TON of DLC and there has only been what, 1 episode since the games release? 

Bioware is full of crap ... the end.



I prefer good old expansion packs. It kept everyone on the same page.

DLC is nothing but a tactic the suits use to nickel and dime gamers. It sickens me when I see devs/pub announcing their DLC content for a game that isn't even released yet. How about releasing a solid game first and then worry about whats next. IT comes across as if they are holding back part of the product so they can sell it to you later as DLC, jakholes.....






I just hope they give it more replay value. In KotOR you would recieve completely new powers, weapons, characters and a different story and mission set depending on your "good vs evil" choices. In Mass Effect, they sadly didn't have it. It was pretty much the same game the second time through (not that I went more than an hour into it that second time). In ME, you pretty much only had two options: tank out and use guns, or wimp out and use guns+powers. And the good vs. evil didn't really give you any tangible differences. You didn't get some sick skills, you didn't recieve unique powers. NOTHING. In most of the "do you steal this or give it back" scenarios, the objects were pure crap, and all the "do you kill this person or spare them" parts had no real difference between the outcomes aside from getting a trivial amount of money.


Anyway, in essence, I just hope this thing has some gameplay differences depending on your actions, or else  no one will buy the DLC since it's the same stuff over and over.



Its odd. I agree with most of your points but I still loved this game just for the immersion/sci-fi factor. If this was a fantasy game with the exact same mechanics, I'd criticize the hell out of it.

I mean when you think about it, ME had the most basic customization aspects.  Like Assault gun I, Assault gun II and so on.

Just goes to show how much personal taste goes into blurring the game mechanics. Can't wait for the next one!



Don't get me wrong, I loved it too. Just only on the first playthrough. The gameplay and story were great. I was just pissed that if you wanted to play the game with different choices, and experience the new story content (well, the same stuff from a different point of view, but still interesting) you have to just sit through the same combat you already played once before. If the combat were tweaked, or at least made so that there are actual unique styles of play other than "shoot enemies dead. fast" then playing through a second time, or at least long enough to enjoy the DLC, then I might actually get it.

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