Rumor: LG Optimus Pad to Cost at Least $700



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I really do not understand how these companies keep thinking these prices are a good idea. Sure, they'll sell a few million to people who have tons of disposable income, but you'll never get good market penetration this way. It's just way too much money for what's essentially a toy. And I think these companies are all going to learn this lesson the hardest way possible. My only regret is that it's probably going to kill off the tablet market just as it has the netbook market.

Seriously, when you're priced MORE than a comparable Apple product something is fucked up.



I think these prices are nuts. personally if I'm going to spend that much i might as well just buy a laptop. I wouldn't pay more than about $400 for a tablet and honestly that still fills a bit high priced.

Hopefully once everyone gets their tablets on the market we'll start to see prices begin to drop as part of the competition between the companies making them.

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