Rumor: Leaked Intel Slides Show 8-Core Architecture



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I thought Nehalem, or i7 had 8 cores in it already? I guess this new one is like all in one die(native), whereas i7 is two Quad dies on the same chip? Or am I mistaken?



Nehalem will have 4 physical cores, but with Hyperthreading, the CPU can actually run twice that many threads at once.  Think of it as splitting each core into 2 'virtual cores'.  Check out pics 7 and 8 on the second page of that article



Ok, yeah you're right, I looked at the CPU-Z screenshot. I thought there were two different versions like a 4 core and an 8.


Pentium 0

I think there was supposed to be 8 cores but intel doesnt need to obviesly. Atleast thats what i gathered a few months ago.


Talcum X

But saftware always has to catch up to hardware.  Something like multi threaded apps/games were slow to lauch except those enterprise apps already existing.  And to go from 2 to 4, then to 8.  I dont know how much more complicated the code gets, but I'm sure it will take some time before we see anyting that the common person will use to take advantage of it.


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.



I'm excited!

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