Rumor: Ivy Bridge On April 8



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Usual Im a very technicaly informed person,... I mean cmon I read Max PC right?

IMHO everyone should wait for the TOCK version, well not everyone. We need some people to pay for lab and fab costs. REtract my statement go buy TICK so that we dont see problems with TOCK.



I suspect the $332 and lower price point will be true.  AMD is readying multiple core bulldozer chips that, although they don't match performance of the I7's, they are not priced like them either.  AMD has already said they are going after the lower to mid range market for "affordable" multicore builds.  The question isn't whether the I7 3920-3820's are better (which are easilly owning AMD on this front) than the flag ship bulldozers.  The question is whether the 3770 or 3570 I7's are better against the AMD flagship chips.  The sweet spot for major sales volume/affordability has always been the sub $500 range.  Intel hates this range because profit margins are much slimer there compared to production cost but the vast majority of sales occur in this category.   Couple this with recession enconomy and you can do the math.  Now if we can just get Thailand back on line and hard drive prices out of 2009 for 2TB we'll all be good to go.



Have you seen the latest market breakdown? Intel is about as afraid of AMD at this point as my dog is of the stuffed animal she just chewed to pieces. Bulldozer was a huge disappointment, both from a sales and technical standpoint. As for six cores, that's a marketing gimmick, not a real asset. Most programs these days can barely utilize two cores to their full extent, let alone six. Hell, even a quad core chip is mostly a waste unless you're encoding audio/video or editing photos.

No, if Intel is weary of anyone, it's ARM and the like. Tablet sales are taking off, and Intel still doesn't have a dog in that fight. That new SoC they've been cooking sounds promising, but whether or not it will be able to compete with Tegra 3 is unknown, assuming it's even released soon enough to compete at all.

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