Rumor: iTunes to Drop DRM Starting Tomorrow



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Keith E. Whisman

I bought 5 games for my Ipod Classic Gen6. I want to reinstall Vista Ultimate but the first time I plug my Ipod into Itunes with the fresh install I'm going to lose my games as I don't have any more computers to transfer to. This sucks... 

Anyone know if I can reset my transfer limit? 



i still dont like itunes.



Steve Jobs is the Devil...



 Well this will be enough to get me enthused about spending the rest of my gift card (which has sat for two years and 4 attempts to buy now, all but 1 resulting in giving up, and the other resulting in three hours of figuring a way around the DRM on two of the albums, just to make a CD version). Perhaps it might even be enough to keep my subscription for "someday" use. But I am still just not a fan of iTunes.


"There's no time like the future."


I Jedi

Well, we traded one big DRM problem (Music) in the industry for another. (Gaming)



if this does go through will our current DRM branded iTunes be unusuable (like walmart did) or re downloadable DRM free?

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