Rumor: It's Curtains for Celeron (in 2011)



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This should have happened years ago.  Celeron's these days are also known as the "Core i5".  I've always hated Celeron processors, they're so crappy, kill them off!!



Intel has way too many brands, and Celeron seems like one of the more expendable ones.  What's sold today as Celerons could easily be sold tomorrow as Pentiums, while Atom could take over the "low power/low cost" niche as it already has.  If Intel were to release a socketed version of Atom, it'd be the final death knell for any kind of relevance Celeron could possibly have.

Of course, what would have been better is Intel going to a simple, unambiguous naming scheme, possibly based on their "Core i" lines, but I guess that's too much to ask.



I was shopping for a laptop 8 months ago. And upon extensive research, I was informed through various sites that the current Petium branded chips are just rebranded Celerons - just a marketing ploy because people associate the Pentium name/class to be of higher performance (Pentium 4 back in early 2000). Intel's spec-sheets also confirmed it. So yeah, they should just kill it off because Pentium based computers at retail shelves are dirt-cheap (~$300-$400), so I don't see how a "Celeron" equipped system could get any cheaper.



 It's about damn time!


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