Rumor: iPhone Users to get AT&T Specific Perks



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I'm not sure if this post was meant to incite a riot, but these "features" are a total joke.  I won't get in to the numerous reasons why I hate AT&T.  Nor will I bother trying to tell AT&T what they need to do to please their customers.  All of that has been said before and it is clear that AT&T is not listening.



I already have custom voicemail messages I just don't use it... and I already get overage alerts for free... Even after all the flak that VZW was getting for not unlocking the GPS on The Omnia, Which they did now, I have been with them for 2 years and don't plan on changing anytime soon... Top that ATTle lmao...


And I already have all that plus I have 8GB internal storage, expandable with a  microsdhc card up to 16GB on top for  total 24GB and I didnt pay for the insanely priced Iphone too...



What ever happened to MMS that was supposed to be out by the end of August (doh!)?!?  You know, that feature that every other cell provider and "simpler" device can do but not the iphone on "your" damn network.  C'mon man get it together!!!!! I'm tired of waiting on you clowns!!!!!!


Stinky Fartface

How about that tethering thing AT&T,eh? It's there, waiting to be turned on. You're going to force me to use a hack aren't you?



Quote: "One of the enhancements includes overage alerts. Once the update is
rolled out, iPhone users will be able to access the new setting under
the Preferences menu, where they'll be able to customize a push
notification that will alert them when they're about to go over their
monthly anytime minutes

Canada's Fido network already provides a 'before you exceed your plan limit' notification service.




It may have been done on Fido, but it doesn't work like it's supposed to... I've 'had' it for the last 2 years and so far I have yet to receive a text message that I'm about to go over my minutes and I do some months. 

- mike_art03a
Owner, Network Admin
Michael Artelle Online Solutions



Dear AT&T,

 Never mind about fixing the dropped calls (on many bars) and lack of your "more bars anywhere" campaign.  I want to know when I'm going over my minutes bc it's to damn hard to login to my account and just look there.  Can you also see if there's a way to disable voicemail completely, if I miss a call, it's on purpose and I don't want my buddies to tell me what the hell is going on tonight anyway.

While I'm on the subject, can I pay more for the same data plan too when I switch from a 1st Gen ($19.99 + 200SMS) to a 3G ($29.99 + 200SMS) or even a 3GS ($29.99 + $9.99 for 200 SMS).  You make it so god damn tempting, which do I choose to get screwed.

Loyal and Lubed Customer.


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